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This site offers a selection of the more popular gift cards available to you in order to help you finish off filling your Christmas gift list.

Gift Card History

Even though other popular presents come and go, the gift card has proven its popularity. This little gift of plastic has been the top present under the Christmas tree for the past five years.

It has become a good selection for those who are last minute shoppers, those who can't find the gift they want to purchase or those who don't really know what the person on their list would really like to have.

Even though some may think it might make more since to just give cash, more people have actually embraced the gift card because it is convenient and seems like you are giving a real gift and a little more personal.

The gift card has not really been around that long. It is a descendant of the old-fashioned paper gift certificated which made it debut in the mid-1930s.

Paper certificates could easily be ripped or damaged in some other way. So, stores adopted the digital card technology used by prepaid phone cards. These shiny wallet-sized cards could be easily displayed on store counter tops and activated when purchased.

Retailers soon found that gift card holders usually ended up buying full-priced items and spending more than the value of the card.

To add to the personality of gift cards many retailers now provide a way for the buyer to personalize their gift card purchases with different designs and photos.

Gift cards can now be purchased online and in many retail stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

If shopping online for your gift card you can print them to your own printer, have them emailed to your receipent or sent with a personalized card in the mail.

An this year some retailers are offering gift cards via Facebook.

Gift Card Exchange
Posted: Nov 12, 2010

Even though gift cards are a really good gift sometimes you still receive a gift card to some place that you seldom shop. So you might want to swap your card for one at a store where you would prefer to purchase something that you like.

If you don't know someone personally that you can swap your card with, then you might want to check out some of the online Gift Card Exchanges.

One such site is http://www.plasticjungle.com. At this site you can buy, sell, exchange and donate gift cards. You can even turn your unwanted gift cards into cash.

If you are looking for a good deal on a gift card to give as a gift you might want to check out the Gift Card Exchanges also, because you can buy gift cards at a nice discount.

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